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Technical Entrepreneurs Competition Winners the Global Entrepreneurship Week November 9, 2020

November 19, 2020 Creative 0 Comments

Three Technical Projects Win the Tech Entrepreneurs Competition … which were won by the Governorates of Sana’a, Aden and Taiz

Three contestants from the governorates of Sana’a, Aden and Taiz won the first places, at the conclusion of the activities of the artistic entrepreneurship competition (technology community) at the level of the Republic, which was organized by the We All Development Technology Creators Organization in Sana’a on the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week November 9, 2020

Engineer Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Ismail, who resides in Sana’a, won first place for his smart hat project, which is an artificial intelligence-based smart assistant for the visually impaired. This device enables the visually impaired to see the world through hearing.

Engineer Yasser Aref Abd Rabbo Salem, who resides in Aden, won second place for his project to develop electric chairs for people with special needs, so that people with complete disability, quadriplegia or serious injuries can control these chairs without anyone’s help.

The third place was awarded to M. Abdul Mumin Abdullah Fazza, who resides in Taiz Governorate, for his project, a smart irrigation system based on artificial intelligence algorithms and the Internet of Things, with the aim of reducing water rationalization and benefiting from green energy in the development of agricultural products.

Where their projects received the highest marks out of 8 projects that qualified for the final stage by the jury consisting of Dr. Sharaf Al-Kebsi, Professor / Ghamdan Anbar, Professor Hashem Nidal, Professor Ahmed Al-Areeqi, and Professor Khalil Al-Asbahi. And Professor Ali Hanina, in addition to the participation of the current attendees. By voting on projects. The first three winners received a shield of excellence from the Technology Development Organization, which includes all innovators, and an amount of two million riyals for each winner provided by Al-Watania to finance it, in addition to a financial grant of $1,000 provided by Al-Amal Bank through the financial and entrepreneurial inclusion project with the support of the European Union and Silatech The Ultimate Shop System from YemenSoft.

While the other projects – five projects – received a certificate of appreciation from the We Are All Creators, financial inclusion awards for entrepreneurs from Al-Amal Bank, and the final shopping system from YemenSoft.

Prizes will remain for the other 22 projects eligible for the semi-final stage out of the 266 entrants in the competition, whose names will be announced in the coming days. In a press release, Eng. Wafaa Al-Araiqi, Executive Director of All Technology Development Makers Organization, praised the efforts of the authorities and institutions that supported this competition and their national role in supporting young people, which contributes to achieving their real goals. A development that encourages creativity and innovation, and has dedicated a mention of National Finance, Al-Amal Bank, YemenSoft, Cortex, and Invit Cor.

Al-Areeqi pointed out that the competition was very strong and the qualified projects are very excellent and carry creativity and creative ideas and have humanitarian, service and development aspects that will return to the homeland and advance it, which confirms that Yemeni youth are creative and have the ability to innovate in an amazing way, adding that this competition highlights and encourages moving forward. To move forward in achieving success in a way that serves development in various fields.

Engineer Wafaa Al-Areeqi confirmed that she will work with all supporters and sponsors to make this competition an annual tradition so that young men and women have a greater opportunity to market their projects and creativity, noting that all the projects that participated in the competition deserve support. And encouragement, and here comes the role of the private sector, which must have a role in adopting and supporting such projects.

For their part, the winners of the first three places expressed their happiness with these encouraging awards, thanking all of us a creative organization and all the supporting parties that enabled them to present their projects and ideas, stressing that this will be an incentive for them to move forward towards other achievements in addition to a strong motivation to transform their projects from ideas into reality. To benefit from them and their community and make them successful entrepreneurs.

At the end of the event, prizes were distributed to the winners and the sponsors and participating parties were honored by M. Wafa Al-Araiqi, CEO of All of Us is the Creators, the jury and representatives of the sponsors and supporters of this competition.

The competition activities were attended by: Brother Abdel Hakim Abdel Qader, Director of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Ezz El-Din Al-Junaid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Muhammad Qaflah, Director General of the Federation of Chambers. Commerce, Eng. Muhammad Al-Riyashi, President of the Yemeni Information and Communication Technology Syndicate, representatives of a number of universities, engineers and engineers, and a number of technology enthusiasts.