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Economic Empowerment

We have professional experience in preparation and implementation of the programs and projects, and we have already implemented a number of projects and programs during the last years, such as :
    • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
      Holding a workshop entitled (Marketing and Entrepreneurship), which was implemented in November 21,2019 in cooperation with The Arabic organization for development and peace, which targeted 57 businesswomen.
      marketing_and_entrepreneurship1 marketing_and_entrepreneurship2 marketing_and_entrepreneurship3 marketing_and_entrepreneurship4
    • Computer and Mobile Maintenance and Programming
      Holding economic empowerment for youths program in ( Computer and Mobile maintenance and programming ) that lasted for 20 training hours during the period of September 9 2019 till October 21 st 2019, which targeted 25 males and females trainees.
      computer_and_mobile_maintenance_and_programming1 computer_and_mobile_maintenance_and_programming computer_and_mobile_maintenance_and_programming computer_and_mobile_maintenance_and_programming
    • The Manufacture of Incense, Perfumes and Accessories Industry
      Holding a training program for the economic empowerment of women (the manufacturing of incense, perfumes and accessories industry) from 5 February- 15 April , 2018 in participation with Al-Wahish Center , presented by 45 trainees.
      the_manufacture_of_incense_perfumes_and_accessories_industry1 the_manufacture_of_incense_perfumes_and_accessories_industry2 the_manufacture_of_incense_perfumes_and_accessories_industry3 the_manufacture_of_incense_perfumes_and_accessories_industry4