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We have professional experience in preparation and implementation of the programs and projects, and we have already implemented a number of projects and programs during the last years, such as :

    • A Professional Teacher According to International Quality Standards

      Holding a training course entitled (A Professional teacher according to international quality standards) for a period of 20 Training hours during September 2019, which targeted 30 female teachers.

      professional_teacher_according_to_international_quality_standards1 professional_teacher_according_to_international_quality_standards2 professional_teacher_according_to_international_quality_standards3

    • Building Capacity of Civil Society Organizations

      The a training program  held in building capacity of civil society organizations had been achieved from 6 to 13 January , 2018, presented by 20 trainees from the members of local institutions and or organization.

      building_capacity_of_civil_society_organizations1 building_capacity_of_civil_society_organizations2 building_capacity_of_civil_society_organizations3 building_capacity_of_civil_society_organizations4 building_capacity_of_civil_society_organizations

    • Leadership Will

      Implementing the “ leadership will” (1,2)  program in cooperation with YLD and Youth Today organization from 28th Dec ,2014 – 1st Jan , 2015, and from 28th Feb – 2nd Mar , 2015.

      leadership_will1 leadership_will2 leadership_will3 leadership_will4 leadership_will5

    • Put the Fingerprint of Your Life

      Holding a seminar, entitled (put the fingerprint of your life), which was implemented during November 7, 2019 in Kamaran center, which targeted 79 participants from all group of age.

      put_the_fingerprint_of_your_life1 put_the_fingerprint_of_your_life2 put_the_fingerprint_of_your_life3