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Production & Gender

We have a professional experience in preparing and implementing the programs and projects, and we have already implemented a number of projects and programs during the last years, the following are examples:

    • The Psychological Support Project for Children

      Holding the first stage of the psychological support project for children from February to October 2018 in participation with Shaif Foundation, which targets a number 100 trainees of specialists working in various local and international organizations.

      the_sychological_support_project_for_children1 the_sychological_support_project_for_children2 the_sychological_support_project_for_children3 the_sychological_support_project_for_children4 the_sychological_support_project_for_children5

    • The Decision 1325, The Woman is a Key Factor of Peace

      Holding a Seminar on “ the decision 1325, the woman is a key factor of peace “ on 31th Oct,2017 in cooperation with TRAS organization ,Yemen EG organization , Ghadaq organization , and Sameh initiative in Bait Al-Salam Al-Yemeni.

      the decision 1325 the woman is a key factor of peace1 the decision 1325 the woman is a key factor of peace2 the decision 1325 the woman is a key factor of peace3

    • Creativity Skills of Kids

      Many courses in developing creativity skills of kids which included (creative thinking , speaking in front of audience, body language ,drawing ,and calligraphy ) in cooperation with GrowSkills center from 1st May – to 16th Aug , 2017.

      creativity_skills_of_kids1 creativity_skills_of_kids2 creativity_skills_of_kids3 creativity_skills_of_kids4

    • You are The Future

      Implementing the project of you are the future by providing psychological ,material and moral support for the orphans in Alshawkani foundation in cooperation with the initiatives (Isnad , Shabab, Ghaden baybdea min alyoum, and youth power), from 14th Feb to 16th Jul, 2016.

      you_are_the_future1 you_are_the_future2 you_are_the_future3 you_are_the_future4