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We have professional experience in preparation and implementation of the programs and projects, and we have already implemented a number of projects and programs during the last years, such as :

    • Will Start a New Good Life for Cancer Patients

      Charity event “I will start a new good life” for cancer patients in cooperation with Ghadaq organization , Arab league for science &technology , and the national cancer foundation , which was held on 1st Jan, 2017.

      will_start_a_new_good_life_for_cancer_patients1 will_start_a_new_good_life_for_cancer_patients2 will_start_a_new_good_life_for_cancer_patients3

    • Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      Safety and prevention tips

        1. STAY home as much as you can
        2. KEEP a safe distance
        3. WASH hands often
        4. COVER your cough
        5. SICK? Call ahead