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We have professional experience in preparation and implementation of the programs and projects, and we have already implemented a number of projects and programs during the last years, such as :

    • Rights of Women in Islam

      Holding a discussion workshop on the ( Rights of Women in Islam ) in cooperation with the Arab Organization for development  and Peace , which was implemented on December 19, 2019, at the Manarat Center, which targeted 55 male and female trainees who are members of local institutions and organizations.

      rights_of_women_in_islam1 rights_of_women_in_islam2 rights_of_women_in_islam3

    • Rights and Freedoms

      Rights and freedoms course had been achieved from 11-19th Nov, 2017 in participation with Bader corporation and sponsored by Yemen Youth Parliament, presented by 24 trainees.

      rights_and_freedoms1 rights_and_freedoms2 rights_and_freedoms3

    • Women Rights

      A discussion session about women rights on 17th Nov, 2017 in cooperation with Independent Yemen Youth Government.

      women_rights1 women_rights2

    • Role of Organization and Youth in Humanitarian Respond

      Discussion seminar about the” role of organization and youth in humanitarian respond “ , in cooperation with development & rights commission , held on 31 Dec , 2016.

      role_of_organization_and_youth_in_humanitarian_respond1 role_of_organization_and_youth_in_humanitarian_respond2

    • “HAQ” Project

      Implementing “HAQ” project which about raising up the law awareness of Yemeni people to protect them from violations , in cooperation with “ Seraj” organization and the Canadian Development Fund , on April.

      haq_project1 haq_project2 haq_project

    • Yes I Can

      Yes I Can” project which about raising up the awareness of Yemen Youth in human rights, in cooperation with American Foreign office , on 3rd Nov , 2011.

      yes_i_can1 yes_i_can2 yes_i_can3

    • The Role of Youth in Enhancement of National Constants

      Holding a seminar entitled «The Role of Youth in enhancement of National Constants«, sponsored by the Yemeni Institute for the Development of Democracy and Watan Foundation to deepen national loyalty , on 8th Apr , 2010.

      The role_of_youth_in_enhancement_of_national_constants1 The role_of_youth_in_enhancement_of_national_constants2

    • Enhancing and Enabling  Youth to Decrease the Problems of the Early Wedding

      Training program for enhancing and enabling  youth to decrease the problems of the early wedding which targeted 30 trainees ( males , females ) from “Bani Al-Harth” zone had been held from 15 – 18 Nov 2009 and “Maeen” zone had been held from 20 – 24 , Dec 2009.

      enhancing_and_enabling_youth_to_decrease_the_problems_of_the_early_wedding1 enhancing_and_enabling_youth_to_decrease_the_problems_of_the_early_wedding2