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The Conclusion of the First Conference on Digital Transformation in Yemen – Sana’a 2022

October 13, 2022 Creative 0 Comments

The first conference on digital transformation was concluded on Wednesday, Rabi` Al-Awwal 16, 1444 AH – October 12, 2022, A.D in the Secretariat of the Capital – Sana’a, and its activities ran over three days.
The conference started its work last Monday. The official, private, sponsor and interested parties participated in the opening and closing of the conference and the accompanying exhibition. These parties included:

Representative of the Media Office of the Prime Minister, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, representatives of the Central Bank, Secretary of the Central Bank and Director of the Payments Department of the Bank, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Advisor to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Information Technology Center for Higher Education, the Innovation Authority, and other official bodies. The main sponsor is the Yemen Kuwait Bank, the Yemeni Omani Company “YOU", the main sponsor is Yemen Mobile, the diamond sponsor is my wallet (Mahfathati – one of Tadhamon Bank’s services), and the golden sponsor is Sawhbkoom Company,

And the silver sponsor is the Yemen Bahrain Shamil Bank, and the wallet is Floosak, and the co-sponsors are the Public Telecommunications Corporation, Sabafon Company, Miftah Exchange and Transfers, Al-Rawda Exchange and Transfers, Betasys Company, Secureway Company, Yemen Microfinance Network, and a number of technology companies, applications and innovations

The exhibition accompanying the conference was formed by a technical and financial illustration from several sponsors and institutional and individual participation, including:
Yemen Kuwait Bank Corner, Yemen Oman Company “YOU” Corner, Yemen Mobile Corner, My Wallet Corner, Withdrawal Corner, Yemen and Bahrain Shamil Bank Corner, Wallet Corner, Sabafon Corner, Secureway Corner, Betas Corner, Unisys Corner, Smart Net Corner, Take Me Corner, National Vision Lab, Pazzarry Corner, and Development Corner

This conference was prepared and presented working papers from all sides and fields, locally, regionally and internationally, and directed by the session directors, namely Dr. Fouad Hussein Abdel Razzaq, director of the first session, the axis of digital transformation, the current situation and future trends, and Mr. Khalil Saeed Al-Sabari, director of the second session, the axis of financial inclusion and digital transformation. Al-Shamil, and the director of the third session, Dr. Amal Muhammad Al-Mujahid, departments of the axis of portfolios and electronic applications and their impact on financial inclusion, the fourth session, moderated by M. Amin Muhammad Al-Harthy, axis: Challenges and risks of achieving inclusion

Financial and digital transformation. On the third day, the chair of the fifth session was Mr. Essam Al-Shari. The fifth axis managed the role of the state in supporting the implementation of financial inclusion. Working papers and session managers – by enriching the conference and providing a clear picture and accurate recommendations on digital transformation and financial inclusion in Yemen

The most important thing they agreed on is that digital transformation is not a step, but a journey that begins with the solidarity of all parties and the integration of roles, and that the country needs to improve sustainable development with the effort of every individual in it and investing in everything it owns, the most important of which is the human being.
The first conference on digital transformation in Yemen stressed the importance of preparing a national strategy for digital transformation and financial inclusion from the government, with the participation of the private sector and civil society organizations within a specific time frame and following up on the level of its implementation.

The recommendations called for the importance of developing the infrastructure of the communications and information technology sector; To be compatible with digital services, including the expansion of optical fibers, the Internet of things, cloud computing and other modern technologies.
It also called for the adoption of continuous awareness and educational campaigns at the national level, and the training and qualification of national cadres in technical fields that support digital transformation and financial inclusion, noting the need to adopt specialized curricula in the field of information security awareness, starting from the stages of public education to university education.

The recommendations stressed the need for the government to transform into a smart digital government that provides its services electronically through digital and non-digital outlets to improve work within the state’s administrative apparatus to operate efficiently and effectively.
The recommendations stressed the importance of issuing a law to combat cybersecurity crimes, intellectual property rights, E-commerce, and data privacy.

The conference participants also recommended the necessity of creating a digital platform through which the developments and achievements in the implementation plan of the national strategy for digital transformation and financial inclusion in all its stages, including data, reports, and statistics, are presented.
At the end of the conference, the Executive Director of We Are All Innovators of Technology Development, Eng. Wafaa Al-Areeqi, expressed her thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the conference, including organizers, supporters, and who prepared the working papers.

The conference sessions concluded today with a discussion of several working papers on the role of legislative and regulatory frameworks in supporting digital transformation, financial inclusion, and cloud computing services in promoting the economy and protecting the digital consumer. The working papers also discussed the importance of raising societal awareness in digital transformation and enhancing inclusion. Financial, and the role of financial inclusion in promoting sustainable development.
At the end of the conference, the organization’s president, Eng. Talal Taher, was honored by all the supporting and sponsoring organizations, institutions, and collaborators in the success of its activities.

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