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Women and Technology is the slogan of International Women’s Day in Sanaa


Under the slogan (Women and Technology), the We Are All Innovators of Technology Organization, in cooperation with the General Federation of Yemeni Chambers of Commerce and Industry and in partnership with the Arab Women in Computing Initiative, Yemen Branch, organized an event in the capital, Sana’a, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8 of each year.

In this event, which was attended by Sheikh Sultan Al-Sami’i, member of the Supreme Political Bureau, Engineer Abdul-Malik Al-Thawr, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Mr. Muhammad Al-Zubayri, Minister of Fisheries, Mr. Muhammad Qaflah, Director General of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Hassan Al-Kbous, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a number of men Businesses, representatives of the private sector and business women in the field of technical, commercial and medical projects.
Many words were delivered by Sheikh Sultan Al-Sami’i in a speech in which he praised the role of Yemeni women throughout the ages, their contributions and tangible achievements in society, and he touched upon the wonderful models of Yemeni women, starting with Queen Belqis and Queen Arwa and the leaders who have emerged in all different aspects and their active roles in building nations alongside their brothers Of the men and the extent of their hand in hand with them to build the beloved Yemen.
Engineer Abdul-Malik Al-Thawr also gave a speech in which he praised the importance of the role that Yemeni women play in serving the country and society, and touched on their contributions to the agricultural sector, whether they are farmers, engineers or businesswomen, especially that women have proven their presence in the agricultural sector and contributed to raising the level of the agricultural economy. He praised the businesswomen who exported Yemeni crops abroad on a global level, the most prominent of these crops being Yemeni coffee of high quality, desirable and the most expensive in the world, and he asked the attendees of businesswomen to benefit from these experiences and successful experiences in establishing agricultural projects that contribute to raising the level of individual income and the national economy.
For his part, Mr. Muhammad Qaflah, Director-General of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, gave a speech at the event in which he welcomed all the attendees and touched upon the importance of the role of Yemeni women in moving the wheel of the Yemeni economy and the extent of their effective contribution to the advancement of the private sector, which is considered supportive and complementary with the government sector.
Ms. Wafaa Al-Areeqi, Executive Director of the Organization (We Are All Innovators of Developmental Technology), gave a speech in which she welcomed the attendees and touched upon the role of women in adopting self-projects and initiatives to achieve their ambitions to achieve self-sufficiency. On the role of women who have proven themselves in this pioneering field in the Yemeni arena, which is full of specialized cadres in various fields, self-build technical projects and now occupy positions in this field, whether in government agencies or in the private sector. Moreover, the event continued by presenting the success stories of 9 women Businesses and leaders whose projects varied in the technical and commercial fields.
The event included discussions, dialogues and an exchange of experiences and expertise among the attendees, as more than 50 women participated in the event.