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  • The launch of the Programming and Entrepreneurship Event – Sana’a.. November 28, 2021 AD

The launch of the Programming and Entrepreneurship Event – Sana’a.. November 28, 2021 AD

November 29, 2021 Creative 0 Comments

I started today in Sana’a

The Programming and Entrepreneurship event, which was established by the We Are All Innovators of Developmental Technology Organization in partnership with the Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Information Technology Center at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and will continue for two days.

At the opening of the event, Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor said, “This activity is one of the most important activities in which young people invest their enormous energies, which should be nurtured and directed so that they can offer the best of their capabilities and capabilities and employ them for the benefit of their community and nation.”

He added, “The Yemenis have great patience and forbearance, and you see them today, after seven years of siege, insisting that their country does not miss the train of development, science and creativity. Everyone contributes, each in his field and each in his specialization.”

Dr. Bin Habtoor considered this event as one of the limited quality initiatives that sponsor this kind of activity and creativity. He mentioned that the whole world is heading today towards a digital economy based on open space that depends on technical communication data that serves the idea of ​​development and benefit from the other, whether in the East or the West. Earth easily.

 Pointing out that all branches of the economy today are based on technical capabilities and software produced by programmers.

Stressing that state institutions are concerned with encouraging this type of event and any conference based on knowledge and standing by it, preserving it and adopting its outputs in a way that enhances the moral aspect of our youth and benefit from it in the path of development, development and modernization.

He explained the government’s presence and participation in this event, which is an embodiment of its support for this type of conference and its keenness to support the initiatives and innovations of Yemeni youth in various scientific, knowledge and innovative fields.

Dr. Bin Habtoor expressed his thanks to the Ministry of Higher Education for sponsoring many scientific conferences that were held during the last period in Yemeni universities, as well as to the Ministries of Industry, Commerce, Communications and Information Technology, which followed up and supported a number of workshops, conferences and other meetings.

At the conclusion of his speech, he thanked all the government agencies, the private sector and organizations that contributed to organizing this event, including the Ministry of Communications, which incubates and sponsors this activity.

In the event, which was attended by Minister of Planning and Development Abdul Aziz Al-Kumaim and Minister of State Dr. Hamid Al-Mazjabi, Minister of Industry and Trade Abdul-Wahhab Yahya Al-Durra pointed to the importance of the information technology industry, which occupies a distinguished position and has its importance in the economies of countries and the world in general.

 And the necessity of benefiting from it in developing activities and business in a way that ensures the improvement of the quality of services and the improvement of performance levels in government institutions and private sector companies.

He stressed the need for concerted efforts between government agencies and the private sector to develop the investment environment, support the information technology industry, and enhance competition to achieve diversification of the national economy, benefit from modern technologies, and benefit from the energies and creativity of youth, stressing the importance of innovations in the development of various industries.

He pointed out that the ministry, within the framework of its support for young men and women entrepreneurs, has allocated a window for them to register their companies and exempt them from a large percentage of fees in order to support them and facilitate and simplify the procedures for them.

He touched on the ministry’s efforts in preparing a draft law regulating e-commerce, which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for approval and referral to the House of Representatives to complete the constitutional and legal procedures for its issuance.

He said, “We should pay attention to entrepreneurs and youth, and adopt innovative economic models that accommodate new global trends in supporting the diversification and sustainability of the national economy, enhancing its competitive capabilities, and developing an active investment environment in a way that gives a positive impetus to the knowledge and innovation economy.”

He also stressed that training and qualifying programmers and attracting experts from them is a good step to build a digital economy for the country in light of the speed of digital change in the world that is multiplying, which will make the shape of the economy different and the nature of professions will be replaced and survival will be for the most prepared, fast and keep pace with new changes in the world.

 He praised the We Are All Innovators of Technology Development Organization for organizing such an event and all events concerned with spreading awareness in aspects and fields of information technology, including e-commerce conferences.

For his part, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Misfer Al-Numeir, stressed the need to integrate the information technology and software industry into public, university and academic education curricula, and to find scientific and knowledge incubators to care for creators.

He pointed to the serious steps taken by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in creating applied incubators for creative youth and providing them with opportunities to try their businesses and enable them to operate them.

And he touched on strengthening the partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education in adopting distinguished graduation projects in the fields of information technology and software in support and encouragement for the talented.

He praised the efforts of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in facilitating and supporting the work of young people and entrepreneurs.

He pointed out the ministry’s readiness to launch a competency bank project to collect and document youth projects, in addition to free publication on the Internet.

He also reviewed the plans and programs of Al Sammad Digital City and the General Institute of Communications in training and qualifying young people, programmers and innovators.. He appreciated the efforts of the We Are All Creative Technology Development Organization in organizing this event.. He stressed the importance of coming up with recommendations and results that contribute to the development of the information technology and software sector.

While the Executive Director of We Are All Innovators Organization for Developmental Technology, Engineer Wafaa Al-Arifi, spoke about the importance of this event

 About programming and entrepreneurship organized by the organization under the slogan “Programming is the eye of the future” in cooperation with the Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Information Technology Center at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and within the framework of the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is held to celebrate the innovators, innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of economic development worldwide .

She pointed out that the aim of this event is to raise societal awareness of the importance of technology and encourage programmers and technicians in the field of programming who have projects that carry new ideas and contribute to community service, whether economically, health or educational in the field of organizing livelihoods for members of society and contribute to the prosperity and development of the knowledge economy As well as highlighting the role of programmers and technicians, present and future, and guiding them in launching their innovative ideas and transforming them into successful projects.

Deputy Chairman of the General Investment Authority Khaled Sharaf El-Din indicated the authority’s readiness to provide all necessary facilities to entrepreneurs and software companies through the governmental window in the authority.

He announced that, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, a national team will be formed to prepare the national strategy for the information technology sector. He called for strengthening partnership between government agencies and the private sector for the success of this important project.

In turn, the Vice-President of the Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Houri, pointed to the authority’s role in nurturing creators and bankers in various fields, including industry, information technology and software.

He reviewed the importance of the software industry in light of the information revolution.. He called for the establishment of research centers specialized in these areas and to benefit from the creative international and local experiences.

He urged the importance of coming up with recommendations and results of the situation as solutions to the obstacles and difficulties facing this important sector.

For his part, the Director of the Information Technology Center at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Fouad Abdel Razzaq, indicated the ministry’s keenness to pay great attention to technology and its fields, based on the fact that higher education institutions are the main source for building and graduating engineering and software cadres.. He pointed out that national academic reference standards are being prepared. Classifying majors and programs according to international standards, in partnership with the labor market, and under the supervision of the Council for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance.

He stressed that all universities, colleges and institutes will be obligated to these standards and controls and encourage them to excel and compete, in addition to encouraging and stimulating scientific research, creativity and innovation in the fields of computing and technology through various activities, including the national competition for graduation projects, which is now being implemented in its third session in partnership with the relevant authorities.

He expressed his confidence in establishing a more practical and productive partnership with all institutions and individuals and mobilizing all energies and capabilities

Available to serve the nation in general, and programmers in particular, as they are the basis of our launch towards our digital economic progress.

Over the course of two days, the participants will discuss working papers on the definition of programming and its importance to the individual and society and the basic steps to reach professional programming, how to build projects and study the gap between universities and the labor market, in addition to the obstacles for programmers and causes of shortcomings for programmers in Yemen and the technology infrastructure in Yemen, the Internet and others. And how to build software projects, programming and entrepreneurship, and enhance confidence in new applications, consulting and software solutions. Successful software experiences will also be presented.

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