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Open Source System Symposium

October 1, 2020 Creative 0 Comments

On Thursday, October 1, 2020, We Are All Creative for Technology and Development Organization, in cooperation with the International Youth Council, implemented a symposium entitled “Open Source System” in the presence of a group of engineers, businessmen, and university graduates with technical specialties. The symposiums them focused on creating an environment for open source systems in Yemen. Where the members of the training team in the Creative Open Source Community _COSC section of the Organization We Are All Creative took turns to clarify the programming problems that open-source system provides appropriate solutions to them, after the welcome speech that the engineer / Wafa Al-Ariqi, CEO of We Are All Creative, started the Symposium and explained the importance of Keeping up with technology, awareness and community qualification in the field of technology in general and using an open system in particular, and she mentioned that the organization will start implementing a technical training program for various categories of engineers to train them within an academic and practical framework that combines the technical and technological side to give them the opportunity for technical production and the formation of a pioneering idea that can be shared with others. In the future, it may be one of the reasons for the country’s economic growth rate Through knowledge, it turned into an idea, and then the tools and possibilities of transforming this idea into reality in the form of programs or systems, then Eng. Saeed Al-Obaidi addressed the importance of an open-source system for businessmen and its positive impact on developing institutional work. The symposium also touched on the uses of the open-source system in The development of robots and mechatronics throughout history, as the engineer / Haitham Al-Selwi simulated that development that many engineers and programmers in the world shared in the achievement, and the great impact of this on the service of humanity, the last of which was the system for respirators during the (Covid 19) pandemic

Engineer / Abdullah Rawah explained how open-source system has greatly contributed to the development of informational networks by means of the SDN, and he explained the solutions provided by the open-source system to the problems of giant networks. Engineer / Muhib Ghallab also explained how that system contributed to increasing the security of information and data. Classify the types of licenses used to regulate the use of the open-source system.

Eng. Amal Sinan also classified open-source system into service programs, search engines, languages ​​, and programming platforms, and presented the most important open-source system according to the global program classification in the year 2020 AD.

Eng. Ahmed Shaiea concluded the symposium by listing the positive effects of open-source systems on Yemeni society.The symposium included many discussions and questions related to the topic, and some programming problems were raised from the attendees, and appropriate solutions and advice were developed by the lecturing engineers using open-source systems.The symposium was attended by a group of engineers, the Director of Projects and Maintenance at the Public Telecommunication Corporation, Eng. Amin Al-Harthi, and a number of representatives of private technology companies and graduates.