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Programming and Entrepreneurship Effectiveness 2021


On the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021, the programming and entrepreneurship event will be held for the first time in Yemen and this field has been highlighted because programming is the eye of the future to keep pace with modern technology. So that’s why.

invites you:

We are all innovators of development technology, in partnership with the Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation, and the Information Technology Center in Higher Education.

to sign up:

In the event, which aims to encourage those interested in programming, entrepreneurship and technology, with a wide contribution from various government and private sectors and higher education institutions, in order to raise the level of creativity and innovation among young people in programming, based on a clear vision of a bright future for their role in supporting the knowledge economy.

For those interested and interested in participating, please register using the following link:




#Creative_for_Technology and Development(CDT)